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<font style='font-size:20px;'> Podiatry, Foot and Ankle Surgery of <br /> San Fransico Podiatrist </font> CoolBreeze  <font style='font-size:20px;'>is an effective, quick, pain-free <br>
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Are You Having Problems With Your Feet?

For those in need of a foot doctor, San Francisco based Podiatrist Dr. Andrew Harrison and his staff invite you to schedule a visit our conveniently located office. If you’re in search of information, we proudly offer many pages covering a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, what to look for, and treatment options, all in our effort to help you be as informed, and therefore, as comfortable and confident as possible before treatment.

Our knowledgeable and caring staff understands how difficult foot and ankle health issues can be, and we strive to support and educate you through every step of your treatment. In practice since 1990, Dr. Harrison has helped a great number of patients overcome their ailments and, quite literally, get back on their feet again.

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Looking for a San Francisco Podiatrist? With Dr. Harrison’s expertise with foot and ankle issues, you can feel confident knowing you have efficient care at your side. Dr. Harrison and his staff’s specialties reside in many services including¬†Bunions, Toenail Fungus Removal, hammer toe surgery,¬†Ingrown Toenails, Achilles tendon problems, Warts, Plantar Fasciitis and many more.


Laser Podiatry is here

Are you one of the 36 million American who suffer with toe nail fungus? The CoolBreeze laser offers a safe cost effective procedure that last around 20 mins. Click here to learn more about Laser Toenail Fungus Removal.